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FANB Seizes High Volatility Explosives in Apure, Venezuela

  • Soldiers carrying out actions concerning the Operation Bolivarian Shield 2022

    Soldiers carrying out actions concerning the Operation Bolivarian Shield 2022 "Vuelvan Caras". March. 31, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@dhernandezlarez

Published 31 March 2022

According to military sources, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) seized high volatile explosives from Colombia in the Venezuelan state of Apure, on the border with Colombia.

Domingo Hernández, Strategic Operational Commander of the FANB, announced the operation through his official Twitter account and published a video showing the deployment of soldiers in the region.

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The official said that among the materials seized, there was aluminized gunpowder, which is one of the constituents for the manufacture of high volatile explosives and a barrel that contained RQ rifle magazines employed by the Colombian army.

"The FANB is carrying out operation "Vuelvan Caras" in which 76,500 square kilometers will be inspected in situ to eradicate the invasive plague of Colombian narco-terrorists and their collaborators, exercising our constitutional sovereignty; we act with deeds and not with words or farces!", Hernández posted on his twitter account. 

The commander said that these actions form part of Operation "Vuelvan Caras" 2022 Bolivarian Shield, which is being deployed in the plains with an extensive contingent of soldiers from all military groups, including the Bolivarian Militia, intending to expel the Tancol and dismantle their actions in the territory of Venezuela.

FANB continues to dismantle dens and hideouts of TANCOL terrorists planted with mines to affect the population; the operational results have been optimal and surrendered to our Head of State, Nicolas Maduro. We have returned peace to the inhabitants of Apure.

Since the beginning of this year, this high military command has increased operations in that region to track down camps, drug laboratories of the irregulars and clear the area. The FANB severely hit the paramilitaries in recent weeks, having destroyed several camps and even apprehended some of their members.

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