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  • This December 9, Venezuelans will elect their new councilors

    This December 9, Venezuelans will elect their new councilors | Photo: AVN

Published 6 December 2018

Venezuelans will head to the polls to elect their municipal representatives, on Sunday December 9th.

Venezuelans will head to the polls on Sunday, Dec 9th, to elect their municipal council representatives, the elections have been called by the National Electoral Council (CNE). 4,900 council representatives, and their substitutes, will be elected on Sunday, during a new exercise of democracy in the South American country.

Venezuelans Are Ready for Sunday's Municipal Elections

The electoral campaign began on Thursday, November 22, and will run until Friday, December 7. During the elections, 400 electoral prosecutors will operate on the voting day to guarantee the correct development of the elections.

This is the second electoral process in Venezuela in this year, the first one was the presidential elections in May, where President Nicolas Maduro Moros was elected with 67,84 percent of the votes.

From the popular election positions that will be chosen, 1,704 positions will be elected nominally, 686 positions will be elected per list and 69 will be representatives of indigenous communities. There are over 13,000 candidates from 21 national political parties, 11 regional parties, five national Indigenous organizations, and 13 regional Indigenous organizations have registered candidates.

In these elections there are 20,720,533 people able to vote, from those 20,490,543 are Venezuelans and 230,010 are foreigners that have lived over ten years with residency in the country.

For the election of councilors, the registration of candidates must be based on gender parity in each circumscription. The nomination process began on Monday, September 10 through an automated system, which consisted of the consignment of payrolls of candidates to participate in the municipal elections on December 9 and was scheduled to end on Wednesday, September 19.

Municipal councilors promote projects of municipal ordinances; exercise control functions over the Government and the municipal public administration; carry out investigations on municipal matters that they consider pertinent; can remove a mayor, among other attributions, these are some of the functions that the councilors have in Venezuela once they get elected.

Currently, government-affiliated movements have power over 255 of Venezuela’s 335 city councils while opposition parties hold at least 80 of them.

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