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Ex Adviser Detained in Investigation Against Bolsonaro's Son

  • Fabricio Queiroz leaves the Legal Medical Institute after being arrested, Atibaia city, Brazil, June 18, 2020.

    Fabricio Queiroz leaves the Legal Medical Institute after being arrested, Atibaia city, Brazil, June 18, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 18 June 2020

The Bolsonaro Clan and its political allies are being investigated for various "irregular" actions.

In Brazil, Fabricio Queiroz, who had been Flavio Bolsonaro's chief of staff when this politician was a Rio de Janeiro lawmaker (2007-2018), was arrested by order of a federal judge who investigates President Jair Bolsonaro’s son for corruption.


Brazil Court Allows Access to Bolsonaro Allies' Phone, Bank Records

Since the scandal broke almost two years ago, Queiroz, a former agent of the Rio de Janeiro Militarized Police, had remained in hiding until he was detained at his lawyer's residence in Atibaia, in the state of Sao Paulo on Thursday morning.

The Rio de Janeiro judge investigating Favio Bolsonaro also ordered the arrest of Queiroz's wife and the search of a residence owned by Jair Bolsonaro.

The Financial Activities Control Council (COAF) detected irregular bank movements in the accounts of Flavio Bolsonaro and 74 people who worked with him in the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly.

When Queiroz worked as a driver and earned about US$4,000 a month, his bank account received US$240,000 in less than a year.

In May, since Queiroz refused to appear before the Prosecutor's Office, the judge responsible for the case allowed the lifting of the banking and tax secrecy of Bolsonaro’s son and his collaborators.

The analysis of the data reinforced the prosecution's suspicions that all the officials hired by Flavio Bolsonaro gave a portion of their salary to the legislator and did so through Queiroz's bank account.

It is also known that Queiroz made bank transfers to the account of today's first lady, Michele Bolsonaro.

This corruption case became more relevant when businessman Paulo Marinho, an important collaborator in the Brazilian President's electoral campaign, denounced that the Federal Police advised Flavio Bolsonaro that his adviser was being investigated, which allowed Bolsonaro's son to dismiss Queiroz before the scandal broke.

Queiroz's arrest happens when the Supreme Court is investigating President Bolsonaro for alleged illegal political interference with the Federal Police, which was denounced by ex-judge Sergio Moro when he resigned from the Justice Ministry in March.

The Superior Electoral Tribunal is also investigating the Brazilian President for spreading fake news during his campaign, a case that could nullify his victory in the 2018 elections.

In recent days, as part of an investigation into the organization and financing of rallies against democracy, the Federal Supreme Court has also ordered arrests and lifting of bank secrets against Jair Bolsonaro’s political followers, relatives, and allies.

Through these rallies, the Brazilian extreme right requests that the military shut down Congress and the Supreme Court so that former Captain Bolsonaro can govern without controls and impose his political project.

In response to actions taken by the legislative and judicial branches, President Bolsonaro said that he will not remain silent in the face of "abuses" and "persecution" of his ideas.

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