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  • The MUD holds a majority in the National Assembly.

    The MUD holds a majority in the National Assembly. | Photo: AVN

Published 22 January 2016

Venezuela's right-wing dominated parliament could soon make a decision on whether to back President Nicolas Maduro's emergency economic measures.

Venezuela's right-wing remained divided Friday over how to respond to President Nicolas Maduro's proposal to tackle the country's economic downturn.

Right-wing legislator Jose Guerra said a special commission formed within the National Assembly to assess Maduro's proposal was ready to hand down a decision. Guerra is heading the commission, which is dominated by experts appointed by legislators from the right-wing political coalition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable, or MUD. The MUD holds a majority in the National Assembly.

Guerra has indicated to press that the commission has handed a report to the National Assembly executive that largely rejects Maduro’s proposals, especially in terms of the Venezuelan cabinet having any control over budgeting.

The announcement from Guerra came a day after President Nicolas Maduro called on the National Assembly to back his economic emergency decree.

Maduro's vice president, Aristolbulo Isturiz, said direct dialogue with the National Assembly is needed.

“We want a serious discussion, with all the information required by the legislators from the government to be given to them first hand,” Isturiz said.

The economic emergency involves making resources from the 2015 financial year available, assigning extra funds to health, education, food, and housing; designing and implementing measures to prevent tax evasion; and giving the executive the “authorization to address the causes of the current situation.”

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The measure also allows the administration special temporary powers to boost production and ensure access to key goods, including taking over private companies' resources, imposing currency controls and "other social, economic or political measures deemed fitting."

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