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European Union Bans 21 Russian Airlines Alleging Safety Breach

  • Image showing an Aeroflot plane.

    Image showing an Aeroflot plane. | Photo: Twitter/ @nexta_tv

Published 11 April 2022

The EU blacklist also includes Avior Airlines (Venezuela), Iran Aseman Airlines (Iran), Iraqi Airways (Iraq), Med-View Airlines (Nigeria), and Air Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe).

On Monday, the European Union (EU) included Aeroflot and 20 other Russian airlines on its "Air Safety List,"  which includes both airlines banned from operating in the communitarian territory and airlines that are restricted from operating under certain conditions in Europe.


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According to the EU Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean, those airlines have serious security problems because Russia forced the re-registration of foreign-owned aircraft and allowed them to operate without valid airworthiness certificates.

"This not only constitutes a clear breach of the Convention on International Civil Aviation but also poses an immediate threat to security," Valean said.

This decision “is not another sanction against Russia” and “has been taken solely for technical and security reasons. We do not mix security with politics,” she added.

Following the update of the list, 117 airlines are banned from EU skies. Among them are 90 airlines that were not adequately supervised in the countries where they appear registered.

The EU blacklist includes, for example, Avior Airlines (Venezuela), Blue Wing Airlines (Suriname), Iran Aseman Airlines (Iran), Iraqi Airways (Iraq), Med-View Airlines (Nigeria), and Air Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe).

Iran Air (Iran) and Air Koryo (North Korea) are subject to operational restrictions and can only fly to the EU with certain types of aircraft. These decisions are based on the unanimous opinion of members of the EU Aviation Safety Committee, who met virtually on April 5.


Adina Valean
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