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European Parliament VP Kaili is Ousted Due to Corruption Probe

  • Former EP Vice President Eva Kaili, 2022.

    Former EP Vice President Eva Kaili, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @ThesocialistGr

Published 13 December 2022

Belgian prosecutors accuse Eva Kaili of accepting large sums of cash and gifts from Qatar.

On Tuesday, the European Parliament voted to strip Vice President Eva Kaili of her post citing her alleged involvement in a corruption scandal.


Belgian Police Search European Parliament for Corruption Case

At their plenary session in Strasbourg, Kaili was removed from her post with 625 votes in favor, one against and two abstentions. The vote was taken according to Article 21 of the EP's rules of procedure, which lays out conditions for the early termination of an office.

The Conference of Presidents, which includes the EP's president and the leaders of the political groups, triggered the procedure on Tuesday morning. 

"Everyone involved must be held accountable. Parliament will continue to fully support the work of the police and judiciary to ensure that justice is done," the Conference of Presidents said.

A debate was scheduled in the EP on Tuesday afternoon on the need for greater transparency and accountability within European institutions, with a vote on a resolution on Thursday.

Kaili was one of the EP's 14 vice presidents. She was arrested by the Belgian authorities last Friday on suspicion of taking bribes. Several people connected to her were also arrested over the weekend.

Belgian prosecutors accuse Kaili and other suspects of accepting large sums of cash and gifts from Qatar, enabling them to influence the EP to make decisions in favor of Qatar on certain issues.

The Qatari Mission to the EU issued a statement on Sunday, according to which the state of Qatar categorically rejects any attempts to associate it with accusations of misconduct.

"The state of Qatar works through institution-to-institution engagement and operates in full compliance with international laws and regulations," it said.


Eva Kaili
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