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Elections Reaffirm Syrian People's Will, Prime Minister Says

  • Citizens cast their votes at a polling booth, Damascus, Syria, May 26, 2021.

    Citizens cast their votes at a polling booth, Damascus, Syria, May 26, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 26 May 2021

At home and abroad, millions of Syrians turned out to vote in the 2021 presidential elections. 

After exercising his right to vote on Wednesday, Prime Minister Hussein Arnous said that the massive participation of the Syrian people in the 2021 presidential elections reaffirms their will to live in a country free and independent from external interference.


Syria's President Al Assad Casts Ballot in Former Rebel Bastion

"There is no force on earth that can change the people's will and loyalty to their army and country… The massive citizen turnout in the various provinces exceeded expectations," Arnous stressed.

"The future of Syria is decided by the Syrians themselves... no one can impose his will on our People, which is determined to build its state in the exercise of its full will and freedom," he added.

A similar view was expressed by President Bashar Al-Assad, who voted in Duma, a city that had been liberated from armed groups sponsored by foreign powers.

There he recalled that countries with a colonialist history have no right to pronounce on the legitimacy of the elections as that judgment is for the Syrians alone to make.

"In this city, some people gave their lives to achieve contact with government institutions... the residents of Duma and Ghouta fought side by side with the Syrian Arab Army," Al-Assad recalled, adding that "together, we will work to build our cities and villages."

On May 26, Syrians choose their next president from three candidates, including incumbent President Al-Assad, former Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Abdullah Salloum Abdullah, and opposition leader Mahmoud Marai. The number of eligible voters registered inside and outside Syria reached over 18 million.

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