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Election Violence Rises in Brazil, PT Gubernatorial Candidate Attacked With 'Explosive Device'

  • Florisvaldo Fier, popularly known as Dr. Rosinha, currently serves as president of the PT State Administration of Parana.

    Florisvaldo Fier, popularly known as Dr. Rosinha, currently serves as president of the PT State Administration of Parana. | Photo: Pachy Reynoso/MDZ

Published 14 September 2018

Gubernatorial candidate for Parana, Dr. Rosinha, was handing out flyers in central Curitiba, Parana when a device exploded near him.

The gubernatorial candidate for the Brazilian state of Parana, Florisvaldo Fier, popularly known as Dr. Rosinha, was attacked with an "explosive device" while handing out flyers in central Curitiba Thursday.

Guard Shoots PT Deputy Candidate in Brazil

Cellphone footage captured the moment the device exploded near the Workers' Party (PT) candidate as he walked to a political debate hosted at the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana.

"All of a sudden an unknown assailant tossed a bomb at me, which exploded at my legs," Dr. Rosinha said, according to Viomundo.

"I wasn't sure if it was a homemade bomb or one of those bombs used during Sao Joao (popular festivities celebrating the nativity of St. John the Baptist). All I know is that it was powerful and it exploded at my feet. Apart from the enormous shock, I couldn't hear anything."

Dr. Rosinha currently serves as president of the PT state administration of Parana.

This is the second time in a week that a PT candidate has been the target of an attack by unknown assailants in Parana. On Monday, campaign organizer Jessica Teodoro da Silva was struck by what appeared to be firework particles while passing out flyers in the same area. She said the suspect fled the scene, according to O Estado de Sao Paulo. 

A police report has been filed in both incidents.

On Sunday night, Renato Almeida Freitas, a young lawyer and PT candidate for deputy, was wounded by military guards who fired rubber bullets at him. He was later, arrested while doing campaign work in Curitiba, Parana.

In March, Brazilian authorities confirmed that the three-bus convoy comprising the caravan for former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was shot at multiple times as it traveled between the cities of Quedas del Iguazu and Laranjeiras do Sul in the southern state of Parana.

Caravan members traveling in the convoy said they were unaware that the vehicle had been shot at until they sustained a flat tire. Upon examining the exterior of the bus, it was discovered that a large metal spike was lodged in one of the tires.

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