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El Chapo Negotiates His Extradition with US Officials

  • El Chapo is seeking benefits in the U.S., where

    El Chapo is seeking benefits in the U.S., where "Mexican drug traffickers have been allowed to continue operating from detention," according to Javier Valdez. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 May 2016

The Sinaloa Cartel leader's lawyer said "Joaquin is not against facing justice in the United States" and is negotiating a deal to be extradited expeditiously.

The world's most powerful drug trafficker Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is negotiating a deal with the United States to pave his way for an expeditious extradition, his lawyer, Jose Refugio, told EFE on Tuesday.

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"Joaquin is not against facing justice in the United States" and an agreement "would be the way to resolve the problem. If it happens, we'll not go ahead with the appeals process," Rodriguez explained.

Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Relations approved two extradition requests — one by Texas and a second one by California — after receiving assurances from Washington that he would not face death penalty.

The United States immediately but secretly dropped all murder charges against the elusive drug lord after Mexico told them that it would be the only way they would agree to his extradition.

Rodriguez told EFE the Sinaloa cartel kingpin was prepared to plead guilty to cocaine trafficking charges in California and cocaine trafficking, criminal conspiracy, money laundering and arms charges in Texas.

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The lawyer, however, did not give any details regarding a possible deal between El Chapo and U.S. officials saying that Washington is responsible for agreeing to any conditions or requests the drug lord might be making.

The attorney also made it clear that El Chapo will refuse to cooperate with U.S. authorities in other investigations or in prosecuting third parties.

However, a deal could allow Guzman to get a reduced sentence.

Javier Valdez, a Sinaloan journalist, writer, and expert on drug issues, recently told teleSUR that many Mexican drug traffickers have reached agreements in the U.S. that have allowed them to circumvent normal legal processes and to continue operating their clandestine businesses.

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