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    Ecuador's President-elect Lenin Moreno | Photo: Reuters

Published 23 May 2017

“This team will be committed to serve, to strengthen national development, to generate decent jobs and eradicate poverty,” Moreno said.

One day before his inauguration ceremony, Ecuador's President-elect Lenin Moreno announced Tuesday the names of his Cabinet, affirming the team had been “responsibly” created so that it would “reflect this new stage in the country’s history and our political process: diversity, unity and dialogue.”

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He affirmed the ministers were professionals, members of the Citizens' Revolution, people from different social and political sectors, groups and nationalities.

“This team will be committed to serve, to strengthen national development, to generate decent jobs and eradicate poverty,” he added on his Twitter account.

Maria Fernanda Espinosa will be the new minister of Foreign Affairs, Cesar Navas will serve as minister of the Interior; Rosana Alavarado as minister of Justice; Fander Falconi, Education; Carlos de la Torre, Economy; Miguel Carvajal, Defense; Eva Garcia, Industries; Enrique Ponce de Leon, Tourism; Carlos Perez, Hydrocarbons; Ivan Espinel, Economic and Social Inclusion; Veronica Espinosa, Health; Raul Perez Torres, Culture; Guillermo Leon, Telecommunication; Pablo Campana, Foreign Trade; Medardo Cadena, Electricity; Javier Cordova, Mines; Andrea Sotomayor, Sports; Raul Ledesma, Labor; Tarcisio Granizo, Environment; Vanessa Cordero, Agriculture; Ana Drouet, Aquiculture; Maria Alejandra Vicuña, Urban Development and Housing; and Paul Granda, Transport.

Moreno appointed Andres Mideros as the new national planning secretary, Paola Pabon as national secretary of political management; Alex Mora the new communication secretary, Johana Pesantez the new legal adviser and Eduardo Mangas as secretary general of the presidency.

Quito’s former Mayor Augusto Barrera has been appointed secretary of education, science and technology, Humberto Cholango will serve as water secretary, Alexandra Ocles will be the new risk management secretary; Rommy Vallejo, secretary of intelligence; Carlos Bernal as technical secretary for reconstruction and former Minister of Justice Ledy Zuñiga was appointed drugs secretary.

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Moreno also created a new Technical Secretariat for his program, “Toda una Vida” which will be led by Carmen Cabezas.

The Cabinet will be sworn in Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. after the inauguration ceremony.

Additionally, the president-elect appointed Virgilio Hernandez as presidential adviser for Habitat and Environment and Patricio Rivera as presidential adviser for Economic Policy.

Other officials include Jorge Wated, appointed head of the Coordinating Company of Public Enterprises; Santiago Leon, president of the National Financial Corporation; Veronica Artola, manager at Ecuador’s Central Bank; Richard Martinez will continue serving as head of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security, as well as Leonardo Orlando who leads the Internal Revenue Service.

Nicolas Issa will be in charge of the Public Sector’s Real Estate Management; Mauro Andino, National Customs Service; and Enma Arevalo will be the new director of Contracting Works Service.

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