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Ecuador's Government Prepares Transition in Last 100 Days

  • Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa will finish his presidential term on May 24 after 10 years in office.

    Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa will finish his presidential term on May 24 after 10 years in office. | Photo: El Ciudadano

Published 13 February 2017

Weeks ahead of Ecuador's election, President Rafael Correa prepares to leave his position after 10 years in office.

A government committee has begun working on the transition process to prepare for Ecuador's new administration as President Rafael Correa enters his last 100 days in office and critical elections near in the South American country.

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Correa will leave office on May 24 after serving as president for 10 years, and the transition committee will prepare the first months of the new government.

On Jan. 18, the president created the committee to organize the transition between the elected and the outgoing government. Its responsibilities include preparing the information that will be presented to the new president and team.

This transition process will include input from the secretary of public administration, the secretary-general of the president's office, and the head of the National Secretariat of Planning, who are each participating in the committee.

The commission will establish "urgent strategic alerts for decision making" for the normal operation of the government. The final report will be ready by March 1.

The report will be immediately made available to new authorities so they can have this information before starting their functions on May 25.

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The committee has already held various meetings, during which "guidelines have been given for the technical lifting of all inputs, which have already been delivered by the institutions of the Function Executive and is under review by Senplades," which is the National Secretariat of Planning.

Correa has also announced that upon leaving the president's office, the Carondelet Presidential Palace will become an open museum that will include displays of the archaeological and art figures given to his government over the past 10 years.

Correa is the only President that has said that all the gifts given to him belong to the Ecuadorean people and will remain inside the presidential residence for all citizens to see.

Ecuadoreans will head to the polls on Feb. 19 in a vote for president and members of the National Assembly that will determine whether Correa’s progressive policies and so-called “Citizens' Revolution” will continue in the South American country for another four years.

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