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Ecuador's Correa: $16B Invested in Health in a Decade

  • Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

    Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa. | Photo: Presidencia de Ecuador

Published 20 January 2017

The amount represents 8 times the investment under administrations between 2000 and 2006.

Ecuador has invested more than US$16 billion in the public health sector during the last 10 years, President Rafael Correa said Thursday.

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"It's a very well-invested amount of money," he said during the inauguration of the Hospital of Sigchos and a health center in the Chugchilan province of Cotopaxi.

Correa said that the amount represents 8 times the investment under administrations between 2000 and 2006, estimated at US$2 billion.

Since being elected in 2016, Correa has overseen massive investments in health, education and infrastructure, and his "Citizens' Revolution" is credited with lifting millions out of poverty.

"What has been done in health is truly revolutionary," Correa said to thousands of people at the opening of the two facilities in Cotopaxi.

With general elections slated for Feb. 19 in the Andean Nation, Correa's PAIS Alliance is looking to capitalize on the significant social advances to catapult them to a fourth term. Although Correa is not able to run again, he retains high approval rates in a region where few leaders have positive approval numbers.

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