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Ecuador President Moreno Selects Top 3 Picks for Vice President

  • Lenin Moreno suspended Vice President Vicuña prior to her resignation.

    Lenin Moreno suspended Vice President Vicuña prior to her resignation. | Photo: Efe

Published 6 December 2018

The president of the Assembly of Ecuador says she hopes the new vice president will contribute “in a complex moment" after Vicuña’s resignation Tuesday.

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno has announced his three picks for the role of vice president after María Alejandra Vicuña resigned this week, including Otto Ramón Sonnenholzner Sper, Nancy Fabiola Elizabeth Vasco Noboa, Agustín Guillermo Albán Maldonado. The National Assembly of Ecuador has 15 days to make their decision.

Why No Outrage Over Ecuador's Illegal Constituent Assembly?

Otto Ramon Sonnenholzner Sper, a radio broadcast host from Guayaquil, has ties to the business sector as well as broadcasting, according to the president of the Assembly who added that "all the experience that he can have from that sector" could help "pay an activation policy of employment, which is one of the most important demands the country has."

Nancy Fabiola Elizabeth Vasco Noboa belongs to the El Triangulo Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for educational and vocational training for people with intellectual disabilities.

The third candidate, Agustín Guillermo Albán Maldonado, is the dean of University Univermilienium. Maldonado holds a BA in Economics and Political Philosophy and is a graduate with honors from Brown University.

"I think the important thing here is to add and not subtract, and not start to put obstacles before even having concrete decisions on citizens," Cabezas acknowledged before the questions of the media on the suitability of the candidates.

Vicuña, who stepped down from her role as vice president Tuesday, had replaced the former vice president-elect, Jorge Glas, on an interim basis in October 2017. Glas was sentenced to six years in prison on controversial charges of corruption that are seen as a witch hunt by Moreno against former officials of the Rafael Correa government.

He has been on a hunger strike for weeks after he was transferred to a maximum security prison. His health has been compromised and his allies are worried that he could die as a result of the government’s refusal to hear his demands.

Progressive Critics of the Moreno government argue that the picks for the vice presidency are yet another move away from the leftist politics of former President Rafael Correa and further appeasing the right-wing sector in the country

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