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Ecuador: Court Lifts Ex-President Bucaram's House Arrest

  • Ex-President Abdala Bucaram (C), Ecuador, 2020.

    Ex-President Abdala Bucaram (C), Ecuador, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @ecuainm_oficial

Published 6 January 2021

He was placed under house arrest as a precautionary measure for his alleged involvement in the diversion of medical supplies and illicit trade in cultural objects.

Guayas' Court on Tuesday lifted the house arrest imposed on ex-President Abdala Bucaram (1996-1997) who is accused of patrimonial object trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, among other criminal charges.


Ecuador: Tribunal Hears a Claim Against Electoral Officials

A habeas corpus petition was filed by Bucaram who was subject to an investigation in August 2020 due to his alleged involvement in the irregular sale of medical supplies and illegal possession of patrimonial objects.

Despite the ongoing investigation against him, Ecuador Force (FE) party submitted Bucaram's candidacy for Congress. On Dec. 8, his candidacy was allowed by the National Electoral Council President Diana Atamaint.

According to Ecuadorean laws, as a candidate, he cannot be prosecuted and criminal proceedings will be suspended until elections' results be released.

Nevertheless, Bucaram will continue to be electronically shackled and must appear every Monday at the Prosecutor's Office. He is also prohibited from leaving the country in order to ensure his presence if a trial is approved.

Last year, police forces carried out an operation in Bucaram's home, where boxes of medicines, sculptures, and other objects were found. In September, his son, Jacobo, was arrested in Medellin and taken to prison in Quito.

Other members of Bucaram's family have been linked to businessman Daniel Salcedo who is under investigation for being part of a corruption network in the Social Security Institute (IESS).

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