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Ecuador: Andres Arauz Rejects "Dirty Campaign" Against Him

  • Arauz, winner of the first round of elections in February, said it is time to say

    Arauz, winner of the first round of elections in February, said it is time to say "enough" and that he would not enter into the "dirty campaign" that has been pushed by his opponent, candidate and banker, Guillermo Lasso. | Photo: Twitter/@ecuarauz

Published 29 March 2021

The presidential candidate described as a "dirty campaign" the expressions about his time in the Central Bank of Ecuador.

The candidate for the alliance Union for Hope (Unes) of Ecuador, Andres Arauz, rejected this Sunday what he called a "dirty campaign" spread against him about his time as a public official in the Central Bank of Ecuador (BCE).

Arauz, the winner of the first round of elections in February, said it is time to say "enough" and that he would not enter into the "dirty campaign" pushed by his opponent, candidate, and banker, Guillermo Lasso.


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Addressing the matter, Arauz said, "today, I have decided to pause in my journey in the city of Cuenca to disprove that dirty campaign that is being grossly spread in social networks and affecting Ecuadoreans."

"Here we need to raise ideas, debates, proposals for the Ecuadorean people, who are having a difficult time because of the economic crisis and the pandemic," he said.

To clarify Lasso's statements, the candidate recounted how he came to public office in the Central Bank of Ecuador:

"When I was doing my doctorate in Mexico City, at UNAM, and in the middle of my studies, which was the product of an unpaid leave, I was fired and what I received was a severance payment, calculated unilaterally by the ECB, I did not request it, I did not want to disengage from public service."

He assured that he was a career official of the ECB between 2006 and 2020. In 2006 he won merit and competitive examination in a program of the entity called "Young Professionals," which he was able to access with an allocation and which gave him job stability at the financial entity.

"Guillermo Lasso's dirty campaign is being financed with the fruit of the savings of millions of Ecuadorean men and women in the Banco de Guayaquil. We have already filed a criminal complaint against this crime, which is called bank embezzlement."

In this regard, he explained: "A few months later I was invited to join the work team at the Ministry of Economic Policy. The law in force at that time, the LOSCA, allowed the figure of secondment. Later I went to the Ministry of Planning."

When Arauz was a minister with the government of then-President Rafael Correa, he was also under the modality of leave of absence and secondment, respectively.

"In 2017, I requested an unpaid leave of absence, as established by the Organic Law of Public Service, to pursue my studies in Mexico, in matters related to central banking, payment systems policy, which was my responsibility at the ECB. There I signed a deferral agreement and assumed that commitment."

He pointed out that in the middle of those studies, he was dismissed, without a concerted process: "on May 22, 2020, I presented an objection to my dismissal, and my respective complaint to the institution, which rejected it and proceeded to dismiss me with the corresponding severance pay. I did not define the amounts; I did not request it; it was the ECB who fired me and made the separate calculation to pay me."

He also stated that 130,000 public servants were dismissed "in the government of betrayal, in the co-government of Moreno and Lasso," more than 600,000 people dismissed in the private sector, who were deprived of their social security and stability.

"I will defend the stability and rights of Ecuadorian workers and public servants; we do not want this dirty campaign that seeks to discredit a person who chose to serve the Ecuadorean people from a space such as the public institution," he added.

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