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Ecuador: Activists Reject the Ban on Correa's Candidacy

  • Former president Rafael Correa's supporters after a march, July 2018.

    Former president Rafael Correa's supporters after a march, July 2018. | Photo: Twitter / @XHNews

Published 22 July 2020

Powerful elites do not want "Social Commitment Force" to take part in the 2021 elections.

Ecuador's "Unity to Win" Front (FUPV), which is a coalition of progressive social organizations, rejected the decision of the National Electoral Council (CNE) to grant ten days to the Social Commitment Force (SCF) to assume the defense of former President Rafael Correa in an administrative process that could eliminate his participation in the 2021 elections.


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Through a statement, the FUPV denounced that the CNE decision occurs because of the political pressures that the Lenin Moreno administration and mainstream media exert to leave the former Leftist president out of the electoral contest.

The document also mentions the performance of the self-proclaimed Comptroller Pablo Celi, whose possession in office has not been legitimized by the National Assembly.

"That shows us we have a usurper in office and that everything that he has acted is void."

Celi asked the CNE to suppress the Social Commitment Force and other groups from the Registry of Political Organizations.

Meanwhile, the Social Commitment Force called an "electoral fraud" the political manipulation that the elites are carrying out to prevent their participation in the upcoming elections.

"This is part of a strategy undertaken for three years which has been carried out without a minimum of shame by the Ecuadorian political and economic elites, which intend to end the Correismo in complicity with most of the country's media."

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