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EU's Alleged Humanitarian Aid Is a Fraud, Venezuela Holds

  • Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, Caracas, Venezuela, 2019.

    Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, Caracas, Venezuela, 2019. | Photo: AVN

Published 27 May 2020

Claiming that the Bolivarian health system is collapsed, some international actors seek to legitimize new attempts at interference in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Jorge Arreaza pointed out that the U.S. and the European Union (EU) are using both the return of migrants and humanitarian aid as pretexts to generate pseudo-news to affect the international image of the Bolivarian Health System and hide the failure of the mercenary incursion that occurred on May 3


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"Venezuela deplores the fact that a group of governments calling themselves donors organize fraudulent shows aimed at supposedly serving our migrant population. An ideology-biased event to attack the Bolivarian Government and hide external aggressions and interference," Arreaza tweeted.

Previously, claiming that the Venezuelan health system is collapsed, the Spanish government and the European Union called a video conference that was supposedly aimed at obtaining financial resources for Venezuelans who are returning to their country.

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement pointing out that those actions are a “fraudulent spectacle” that aims to deceive the international community to legitimize interventionist actions through precarious promises of humanitarian aid delivery.

It is a makeup act hiding EU's subordination to the "regime change policy" through which Washington causes "damage and suffering in Venezuela", the Foreign Affairs Ministry denounced.​

Meanwhile, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro confirmed that his country's health system guarantees free health care to all COVID-19 patients to preserve human life.

"While in other countries health is a commodity, it is a human right in Venezuela. For this reason, we guarantee free health care for each COVID-19 case and we are the Latin American country with the most diagnostic tests carried out per million inhabitants," he tweeted.

So far, the Bolivarian health authorities had carried out 865,367 COVID-19 tests, which is equivalent to 28,846 tests per million inhabitants.

In this South American country, controls for detecting COVID-19 positives take place "home by home" through visits carried out by the Health Ministry's specialized personnel and Cuban doctors.

As of Wednesday morning, Venezuela had reported 1,211 positive cases, 11 deaths, and 302 recovered patients.

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