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Drug Lab Found in Farm of the Family of Colombian Ambassador

  • Colombian Ambassador to Uruguay Fernando Sanclemente, 2020.

    Colombian Ambassador to Uruguay Fernando Sanclemente, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @anon_candanga

Published 13 February 2020

Sanclemente was director of the National Aviation Authority during President Uribe's administration.

The Police narcotics unit conducted a raid on Wednesday morning at a farm belonging to the family of Colombia's ambassador to Uruguay Fernando Sanclemente.


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During the operation, the police inspected warehouses, mangers, offices, and forests, where they "allegedly found drugs."

On Thursday, Colombia’s Foreign Minister published a statement to clarify the events that took place at the Guasca Hills estate located near Bogota.

It is pointed out that this estate, which has belonged to Sanclemente's family for 44 years, was dedicated to raising cattle and racehorses in the past.

Currently, his family only owns 50 percent of the shares of this farm. However, its legal representative is the Ambassador's brother, who has not had access to the anti-narcotics reports yet.

"Fernando Sanclemente was casually the Aerocivil director during Uribe's government. Casualties of life and politics!"

"Since the Guasca Hills Co. has not had access to the documentation containing the details of the diligence, it has not been able to pronounce on the events," the Foreign Ministry's statement indicated.

"Ambassador Sanclemente has been in the exercise of his duties since March 21, 2019; therefore, he is oblivious to the responsibilities of the estate's management," the Chancellery added.

Meanwhile, through social networks, Colombian citizens recalled that Sanclemente was director of Colombia's Aviation Authority during the government of President Alvaro Uribe, a far-right politician who has been accused of maintaining links with paramilitary groups and drug traffickers.


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