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Doctors Demand Better Working Conditions in Paraguay

  • Doctors demanding better working conditions, Paraguay, Jan. 4, 2021.

    Doctors demanding better working conditions, Paraguay, Jan. 4, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @AmipsPy

Published 5 January 2021

Physicians also request that their residence years be recognized as years of seniority.

Paraguay's Social Security Institute (IPS) staff on Tuesday mobilized to continue their demands for better working conditions, including their request that the years of residence can be counted as medical seniority.


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Their protest was part of a previous strike that took place on Saturday after the dismissal of 62 doctors by the IPS Administrative Council on Dec. 31. 

Doctors and residents carried out staggered reunions in front of IPS headquarter in order to continue the assistance to patients. They said that these dismissals were retaliation against those who denounced precarious working conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the contracts of the dismissed professional were renewed on Monday, the IPS Medical Association pointed out that the dismissal was a serious violation of labor rights, the right to demonstrate, and individual freedom itself.

The Association also rejected statements by the IPS President Andres Gubetich who was accused of questioning the health workers' training.

"We wear the t-shirt of the institution, we owe ourselves to its patients, we have acquired our knowledge over the years and we have no doubts about it," the IPS Association said.

According to Gubetich, however, it was not full dismissal but a temporary suspension while contracts' evaluations were being carried out. 

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