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  • Anti-imperialist graffiti in Caracas

    Anti-imperialist graffiti in Caracas | Photo: Reuters

Published 28 February 2017

“Venezuela maintains its economic model and has undoubtedly become a threat to this capitalist empire," said Venezuela's foreign minister.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez slammed the United Nations Human Rights Council, UNHRC, Tuesday, claiming the inter-governmental organization supports a “campaign of aggression” against the socialist country.

Blaming Socialism, US Media Distorts Venezuela’s Food Crisis

Speaking at a UNHRC meeting in Geneva, she accused the organization of supporting “imperialist objectives” seeking to destabilize the Bolivarian Revolution.

“We have to denounce the way the imperial powers have targeted Venezuela for its human rights model, which is inclusive and universal,” Rodriguez said, El Nacional reports.

“Venezuela maintains its economic model and has undoubtedly become a threat to this capitalist empire and this international and financial order that is causing suffering to the whole of humanity.”

Rodriguez also raised concerned for growing U.S. investment in military armaments and support for violent opposition groups in anti-imperialist countries. She asked the UNHCR to take a stand against the U.S. in this regard, warning that the organization’s legitimacy will be at risk if it fails to do so.

The Venezuelan diplomat reminded attendees that the UNHRC’s predecessor organization, the Commission on Human Rights, was dismantled largely because of its loss of legitimacy. In 2002, the group kicked out the U.S. after Syria proposed to penalize the country for its war crimes in Iraq. The U.N. Commission on Human Rights was eventually replaced in 2006.

“We have to build a new order, where the financial powers, causing poverty and inequality, have a straitjacket and are prevented from massive violations of human rights,” Rodriguez said.

After Cuba Snub, OAS Chief Calls for Regime Change in Venezuela

But the UNHRC isn’t the only inter-governmental organization supporting aggressive stances against Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution.

Last week, Organization of American States, OAS, Secretary-General Luis Almagro called for new elections in Venezuela to remove democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Speaking at the North American Business Institute in Washington, Almagro blamed the right-wing Venezuelan opposition for not winning a recall referendum in 2016, which he described as “the last constitutional opportunity” to oust Maduro.

He also said the opposition should avoid challenging the Bolivarian Revolution via constitutional amendments, given that Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice will likely reject their proposals.

Last year, Almagro called for an “urgent meeting” to reevaluate Venezuela’s OAS membership, attempting to suspend the South American country from the organization. He used unsubstantiated “human rights violations” claims made by opposition leaders to call the meeting.

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