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  • Activists march on Buenos Aires on Monday to end femicides and demand that abortions become free, legal and safe.

    Activists march on Buenos Aires on Monday to end femicides and demand that abortions become free, legal and safe. | Photo: TeleSUR

Published 4 June 2018

Thousands of women marched in the streets of Buenos Aires demanding an end to gender violence and femicides, and for access to free, safe abortions.

Thousands of gender and abortion rights supporters in Argentina took to the streets of Buenos Aires again under the hashtag banner #notonelessXclandestineabortions (#NiUnaMenosXAbortoClandestino) demanding an "end to femicides" and access to legal abortions.

Argentina: Nationwide Rallies in Support of Legal Abortion

The activists marched from the Plaza de Mayo to Congress, with a renewed force against femicides and for legislation that would allow free, safe and legal abortions up to the 14th week of inception. Since April congress has held several public hearing regarding a pro-abortion bill that senators are expected to decide upon later this month.  

This is Argentine’s fourth mass march against gender violence over that past three years and this one incorporated demands for free abortions. The demonstrators said they don’t want to become indebted paying to terminate a pregnancy and want the procedure to be safe so that there are "no more deaths from clandestine abortions."

Between 370,000 and 520,000 abortions are carried out every year in secrecy in Argentina. About 49,000 women end up at the hospital because of complications related to unsafe surgeries.

Patricia Bustamante, member of the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortions which proposed one of the four abortion bills currently before Congress told Pagina 12 that "these three years, since the first march for ‘not one less’ in 2015 there has been a marked growth of the women's movement, where now not only do we ask that they do not kill us but that the feminization of poverty end because with the visibility we have gained we have a voice in all of society."

In addition to anti-femicide protests, the march went past the Central Bank to demonstrate against the Mauricio Macri administration’s negotiations with the IMF for a US$30 billion loan.

Activists carried banners with slogans against patriarchy and male violence. "We’re going to end patriarchy," said a banner carried by several women. Posters were also seen saying "Let's play hangman: patriarchy is dying".

According to a recent poll year after year more and more Argentines are in favor of legalizing free abortions. The national campaign’s pro-abortion bill has picked up political support over the past month so that around 100 legislators, including conservative Cambiemos politicians, are in favor of legalizing the procedure.

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