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Cuba's Communist Party Praises Unity as Key Tool To Face Threats

  • The sign reads,

    The sign reads, "Long Live Fidel, Unity, Commitment and Victory", Havana, Cuba, May. 1, 2019. | Photo: EFE

Published 16 April 2021

"Only our socialist system and our unity around the Party could allow an underdeveloped nation like ours to avoid collapse," PCC Secretary Raul Castro said.

Highlighting the call to preserve the people's unity towards the Cuban Revolution, Communist Party (PCC) First Secretary Raul Castro addressed the inaugural session of the 8th PCC Congress this Friday.


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"Unity has been our fundamental weapon to face threats. This unity must be zealously guarded, and division must never be accepted because that would be the first step to destroy socialism and national independence," Raul said.  

He also urged for a "greater dynamism" on the social-economic reforms to boost autonomy and decentralization in the business network. He reaffirmed that shock therapies affecting humble people would never be applied and that economic changes cannot affect the ideals of justice, equality, and equity.

Referring to the role of private initiatives in society, he recalled that there were limits that cannot be exceeded since it would imply the destruction of socialism. 

"It can never be forgotten that the control of the fundamental means of production is the basis of our socialism, and that is why state enterprise's good performance is essential," he said.

The PCC First Secretary also celebrated the country's strategy to tackle the pandemic and the scientific advances to produce homemade COVID-19 vaccines. 

Raul's remarks condemned the intensification of subversive programs and the blockade promoted by the U.S. government and anti-Cuban groups to generate acts of violence in the Caribbean island and dismantle the socialist development model.

Besides restrictions on remittances and travels to Cuba, U.S. former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) administration placed several Cuban entities, including 231 commerce enterprises, all hotel facilities on a blacklist, which affected the country's income and supply sources.

"Our trajectory has no comparison in the world..We share what we have and not what we have to spare. It is an effort of solidarity that will be maintained despite the campaigns", Raul stressed to reject slander on Cuban medical cooperation.

The PCC First Secretary also expressed support to governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and Caribbean nations in their claim for compensation for slavery. 

"Only our socialist system and our unity around the Party could allow an underdeveloped nation like ours to avoid collapse and advance in its development," he added.


Raul Castro
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