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'Cuba for Peace' Celebrates Victory Over Destabilizing Acts

  • President Miguel Diaz-Canel (L) and Raul Castro (R), Havana, Cuba.

    President Miguel Diaz-Canel (L) and Raul Castro (R), Havana, Cuba. | Photo: Twitter/ @letivillalobos1

Published 11 July 2022

"If there is something to celebrate today, it is the victory of the people against the attempts to carry out a soft coup," President Diaz-Canel stressed.

One year after the U.S.-backed violent demonstrations of July 11, 2021, President Miguel Diaz-Canel stated that the Cuban people celebrate on Monday the victory of the Revolution over hatred and destabilization attempts.


Destabilization Campaign Against Cuba Rejected in Europe

"The Cuban Revolution is the dignified and heroic people who resist and create; the people who resist the hatred of a genocidal blockade that has lasted over 60 years; the people who respond by creating a work of love every day. Cuba for peace," he tweeted.

The Cuban leader emphasized that the enemies of the revolution are still trying to resignify the meaning of what happened on July 11. However, "if there is something to celebrate today, it is the victory of the people against the attempts to carry out a soft coup."

After the 2021 events, Cuba denounced that the White House activated a political and media operation to encourage acts of violence and pass them off as if they were popular protests.

The tweet reads, "Cuba for peace, July 11, socialist revolution." President Miguel Diaz-Canel: "We are under fire from a sophisticated cyber war."

"In our national essence, feelings, and identity, we have a very great antidote to hate: it is love," the Cuban president said, adding that this feeling fosters social participation in the Revolution.

"Amid an ideological and political aggression, which is based on a cultural colonization strategy supported by a 'media war,' we continue to develop with love and putting a lot of faith in ourselves."

Over the weekend, Cuba received numerous expressions of solidarity. Acts to celebrate the defeat of the 2021 soft coup were held in countries such as the U.K., Spain, France, Hungary, Australia, Namibia, Liberia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, and Argentina.

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