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  • The No DAPL contingent of the parade was among the loudest and had many Native Americans participating.

    The No DAPL contingent of the parade was among the loudest and had many Native Americans participating. | Photo: Facebook / Danny Garcia

Published 2 January 2017

The parade was especially political this year, with references to the Dakota Access pipeline, President-elect Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

The 128th Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., traditionally hosted on New Year’s Day, featured Dakota Access pipeline “water protectors” and sky-written messages against “fascist dictator” Donald Trump.

Occupy protesters participate in Rose Parade in U.S.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in Pasadena and millions more tuned in to welcome 2017 on Monday to the theme “Echoes of Success,” with 44 floats, 22 marching bands and about 400 horses. One of the largest and loudest contingents expressed solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe that has been battling the Dakota Access pipeline, which they say threatens their cultural and spiritual heritage as well as the drinking water of millions.

About 100 paraders yelled chants, carried a 150 foot-long plastic pipeline and rolled a giant teepee through the streets, reminding onlookers to support a campaign to pressure funders of the pipeline to divest.

“It was important to take over the end of the Rose Parade to unify people to get the message out and most importantly to get people to defund the (pipeline),” said Lydia Ponce, a representative from the American Indian Movement of Southern California, to the Los Angeles Daily News.

The message was not just about the Dakota Access pipeline, but about all, with messaging also in Spanish.

Skywriting over 127th Rose Parade makes reference to U.S. president-elect Donald Trump, in Pasadena, California Jan. 1, 2016 | Source: Reuters

An airplane also passed overhead writing the messages, “Anybody but Trump. Trump loves to hate,” "Trump is delusional. Trump is a fascist dictator" and “America is great! Trump is disgusting.” Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders supporters showed up to pay homage to their post-parade march last year.

Other parade-goers included therapy horses for disabled children and surfing dogs, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The parade was held on Monday and not New Year’s Day because of a rule never to host it on a Sunday.

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