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Cuba Reports 139 Cases of Coronavirus and 3 Deaths

  • Cuban Minister of Health Affairs

    Cuban Minister of Health Affairs | Photo: teleSUR

Published 29 March 2020

The information was released during a press conference for the Cuban Minister of Public Health.

Dr. José Ángel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba, reported that on Saturday, 20 new positive cases of Covid-19 (coronavirus) were confirmed, after more than 200 diagnostic tests were performed during the day. 


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The country's situation to date is as followed: 139 cases of coronavirus, 1.34 per 100,000 inhabitants. Three deaths have been registered, leading to a 2.1 percent fatality rate.

Of the cases confirmed on Saturday, 13 were foreigners, five with a direct source of infection with foreigners, and two Cubans who were abroad.

There have been four patients discharged, in addition, 131 remain currently admitted, 124 patients are stable, three in critical condition and 4 in serious condition.

Of the 139 confirmed cases, 114 are Cuban and 25 are foreigners. Of the Cubans, 73 have the antecedent of having returned, within the incubation period, from countries with the presence of the disease.

The 41 Cubans who became ill in the country were in contact with foreigners or with Cubans who came from abroad.

Portal Miranda assured that there are additional laboratory reserves to the three that are already linked to the activity, which can be used depending on the pandemic if necessary.  

On the other hand, the minister reported that the measures adopted in the country have had an impact, especially the reduction of people entering the country. On Saturday only 191 people entered Cuba in nine flights. All the travelers are permanent residents in the country and are in the authorized isolation centers.

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