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Cuba Presents Alternative for Fighting Climate Change to Unesco

  • Cuba presented a plan to avoid damages by rising sea levels across the globe.

    Cuba presented a plan to avoid damages by rising sea levels across the globe. | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 November 2017

The Caribbean nation has seen first-hand the damage by climate change on its coast.

Cuba presented Life Task, a state plan to address climate change, to the Unesco General Conference in Paris, according to the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment.

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The program includes five strategic actions and 11 tasks and was approved by the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly of People's Power in Cuba.

Some of the actions include not allowing new buildings in threatened coastal settlements, developing construction concepts adapted to flooding areas, and adapt agricultural activities to changes in land due to sea level rise or drought.

Elba Rosa Perez spoke to a large audience of diplomats and specialists from Unesco, explaining that the program created by the socialist nation shows "the political will of acting against this complex phenomenon."

She added that the program was born out of the comments of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro during the Earth Summit in 1992.

In addition, it includes a reduction of cultivation areas close to coasts and a plan of urban reordering of settlements and infrastructures.

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Perez said the average annual temperature increase by 0.9 degrees Celsius and the rise in sea level went up by 6.77 centimeters, and is expected to rise by 27 centimeters in 2050 and even further to 85 by 2100.

The official also highlighted the country's vulnerability to hurricanes and explained that since 2001, 10 high-intensity cyclones have hit Cuba.

The presentation came on the same day that Cuba presents its resolution at the U.N. General Assembly for the end of the commercial and economic blockade imposed by the United States 55 years ago.

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