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Cuba: Customs and Tariff Rules Application Updated

  • Cuba rules new customs measures for imports from this Monday. Aug. 15, 2022.

    Cuba rules new customs measures for imports from this Monday. Aug. 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@KrlosDKrlos

Published 15 August 2022

Cuban Customs authorities introduced new regulations on imports becoming effective starting Monday.

On Monday, new regulations became effective in Cuba, allowing increased non-commercial imports by air, sea, and postal shipments by natural persons, the General Customs of the Republic (AGR) updated the Predespacho application for mobile devices, with the rules and tariffs associated with this measure.

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As a group of customs and tariff flexibilities for the benefit of families, as established in Resolution 175 of 2022, of the head of the AGR, Rules for non-commercial imports by natural persons and the list of reference values will be implemented as of Monday, the application will help interested parties to prepare their luggage.

According to a note published on the Customs website, Predespacho shows the approximate amount to be paid according to the items to be imported, allows to adjust their category, valuation method, and much more, and displays the list of articles organized with their reference values and maximum quantities allowed in the corresponding cases.

In addition to the two resolutions issued by the AGR (175 and 176), Official Gazette No. 45 publishes 204 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP), which as of August 15, authorizes to increase in what can be sent by sea, mail or courier to the country, and at the same time to decrease the tariff rate.


The AduanadeCuba today began to implement the new Resolution 175 of 2022, "Rules for non-commercial imports carried out by natural persons and the list of reference values" We are in:

Telephone: 78838282

Email: publico@agr.aduana.gob.cu

In this sense, natural persons are allowed to import -through shipments- up to 200 dollars, which is equivalent to 20 kilograms (kg), since according to Customs regulations, one kg would be 10 dollars, so the novelty is that if until yesterday the limit was 10 kg, with the same cost (200 dollars), from now on this amount is maintained but allows for double the weight.

Another measure is that the weight of the package for which the person receiving it in Cuba will not have to pay tariffs is increased to 3 kg (it used to be 1.5 kg), as explained by Meisi Bolaños, head of the aforementioned agency, in a recent Informative Round Table.

MFP Resolution 204 also provides for a reduction in the customs duty to be paid in Cuban pesos for the package shipment since it will not be the total value but 30 percent of the remaining 17 kg of the 20 kg total.

Therefore, if a person or family receives a 10 kg package, 30 percent will be applied to 7 kg, which is equivalent to 30 percent of 70 USD x 24 CUP, whereas up to now it would be 100 percent of 70 USD x 24 CUP.

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