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Cuba Celebrates 60th Anniversary of the Triumph at Playa Giron

  • On this day in 1961, Cuba's militia defeated 1,500 CIA-trained Cuban exiles who landed at the Bay of Pigs in an armed invasion.

    On this day in 1961, Cuba's militia defeated 1,500 CIA-trained Cuban exiles who landed at the Bay of Pigs in an armed invasion. | Photo: Twitter/@MilHistNow

Published 19 April 2021

Cuba celebrated Monday, the 60th anniversary of the military victory at the Bay of Pigs, over an invading mercenary force of 1,500 men equipped, trained, and financed by the U.S. government.

During the ceremony, floral offerings were placed at the obelisk that evokes the 156 fallen six decades ago from the Cuban side, on behalf of the people, Army General Raul Castro, President Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the Councils of State and Ministers.

A speech was given by the secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the municipality of Ciénaga de Zapata, Bienvenido Roig, who stressed that the heroes of that heroic deed "will be reborn in the new generations," will never be forgotten.


Cuba: 57 Years After 'Bay of Pigs'

"Our heroic people face challenges caused by the genocidal blockade policy of the United States against the country, the world economic situation, and the COVID-19 pandemic, but they will come out ahead with unity and the willingness to defend the socialist homeland," he stressed.

The ceremony was held in the outdoor areas of the local museum, a facility where the poor living conditions of the inhabitants of this region before 1959, the progress achieved in these six decades, and abundant material on the failed landing are displayed.

Playa Giron, a coastal town located in the south of the western province of Matanzas and about 220 kilometers southeast of Havana, was the last stronghold of the invaders (the so-called 2506 Brigade), defeated in less than 72 hours.

Girón is located in the Zapata Swamp, the largest wetland of the insular Caribbean, scene of those battles, which transcended as the first great military defeat of the United States in America and a significant page in the history of Cuba.

The invasion began in the early morning of April 17, 1961, at Playa Larga, in the upper arc of the Bay of Pigs, and at Playa Giron, on the right flank of the bay.

After bloody battles that began that day, the Cuban forces, led by the historic leader Fidel Castro from the scene of the events, crushed the attack and liberated Playa Giron, the last enemy stronghold, on April 19.

The attacking force suffered 88 dead and 1,197 prisoners, while on the Cuban side, 156 combatants fell with an undetermined number of wounded.

The Cenaguero territory, where the battles took place, symbolizes Cuba's decision to determine its own destiny, the participants recalled.

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