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Cuba: COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Soberana 02 Is Almost Ready

  • Soberana 02 Sample, Cuba, March 21, 2021. 

    Soberana 02 Sample, Cuba, March 21, 2021.  | Photo: Twitter/ @ReviewMedicc

Published 21 March 2021

The vaccine candidate will start an intervention study to evaluate its direct and indirect effects on highly exposed personnel.

The biopharmaceutical group BioCubaFarma announced that an intervention study would begin with the Cuban vaccine candidate against COVID-19 Soberana 02 this Saturday.


Cuba: Abdala's Phase III Clinical Trials To Start Monday

The State Center for the Control of Medicines and Medical Devices approved the trial to evaluate vaccination's direct and indirect effects on population groups at high risk of infection, disease, and spread of the pandemic.

Sovereign 02 will be applied to 150.000 people related to the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and health sectors.

At the same time, phase three of this vaccine candidate clinical trial will continue in the Cuban capital, where 44,000 volunteers are to be vaccinated before the end of June.

Soberana 02 is developed by the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) and is the most advanced out of five vaccine candidates currently being developed by Cuba.

The second most advanced vaccine candidate is Abdala, which tomorrow will start its phase three clinical trials in the eastern provinces of the country.

Cuba cooperates with Iran, China, and Mexico to develop these and other medications to be supplied to developing countries, which would be a potential lifesaver due to the monopolization of COVID-19 treatments by more developed countries.

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