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Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: Journalism, Free Expression Punished Under Macri

  • Fernandez de Kirchner on Pop Radio.

    Fernandez de Kirchner on Pop Radio. | Photo: @CFKArgentina / Twitter

Published 5 October 2017

"I don't think there is space for journalistic work and free expression in Argentina," the ex-president said.

The former leader of Argentina says the government of President Mauricio Macri is bothered by voices that reveal the problems facing the nation.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has warned that the Macri administration has frozen press freedoms, particularly in regard to work based on critical research and facts which cast Macri's policies in a poor light.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Kicks Off Last Stage of Campaign

"I don't think there is space for journalistic work and free expression in Argentina, especially for those who do thorough investigative journalism," said the senatorial candidate in an interview with Pop Radio.

She said a judicial raid had been carried out by the military and municipal police on the station's headquarters just minutes before she arrived for the show.

"We took it in jest but it is no joke," Fernandez warned, adding that the military officers have lost their reputation as a “force of prestige” and are now like “government shock troopers.”

She said Macri is bothered by those speaking the truth about the nation's social problems, especially in relation to the high levels of poverty and unemployment since he took office.

The former head of state also mentioned the new pressures faced by media outlets producing quality investigative journalism such as Página / 12, AM750 and the journalist Roberto Navarro, who was recently fired from C5N.

Fernandez referred to the research carried out by Horacio Verbitsky in Página / 12 , which alleged that those close to Macri, including relatives, were implicated in potential money laundering scheme: “Can you imagine what would happen if my sister appeared to be laundering $US25 million, after extending this benefit to my family?"

She said that during her administration, officials never made phone calls to reporters to question their management.

"If someone did such a thing, it would look terrible because the media would kill us."

While the interview took place on Pop Radio, the official Twitter account of private television station Channel 5 News was suspended.

The station belongs to the same media group that owns Pop Radio, Indalo.

The former head of state asked the government to clarify the suspension of the verified Twitter account.

Fernandez is running for a Senate seat in Argentina's October 22 legislative elections

Originally of Citizen's Unity Party, she is standing on a platform for a new coalition which aims to fight "the reinstatement of the neo-liberal model" under Macri.

The polls will play a crucial role in determining whether he will be able to continue with his controversial reforms. 

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