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Cousin of Argentinean Girls Killed by Paraguayan Army Is Missing

  • Relatives of the victims hold a sign that reads,

    Relatives of the victims hold a sign that reads, "They were girls, the Paraguayan army is responsible," during a protest in Asuncion, Paraguay, Oct. 5, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @roxygranata

Published 28 December 2020

The family of the victims blame Paraguayan army and President Mario Abdo's administration for Carmen Oviedo's disappearance.

Myriam Villalba, mother of one of the Argentine girls killed by the Paraguayan army, reported the disappearance of her 14-year-old niece, Carmen Oviedo.


Minors Killed by Paraguayan Army Were 11-Years-Old, Report Says

"The infanticide and terrorist government of President Mario Abdo is responsible for Carmen's disappearance," Villalba said and blamed it for the murder of the girls Lilian and Maria, killed last September.

"Abdo has covered up his army's violent actions and has hindered investigations to prevent justice," Villalba said.

On November 22, Carmen and her mother, Laura Villalba, were lost in the Paraguayan bush after an operation carried out by the Joint Task Force (FTC), an elite group of the Paraguayan army, against the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP) guerrilla group. In the skirmish, the 14-year-old girl was injured. 

"Carmen's mother, who is my sister, was detained by the FTC after it found her alone trying to find food and water in the bushes. Laura was arrested because they thought she was a member of the guerrilla group, but she's not," Myriam explained.

After Laura's arrest, villagers said they saw the girl being taken away by military officers. "We still don't know of her whereabouts, nor if she survived her injuries," Myriam added.

On Sep. 2, the FTC shot Lilian and Maria to death during an operation against the EPP. The 11-years-old girls had come to Yby Yau, Concepcion Department, to meet for the first time with their fathers, who are EPP leaders.

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