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Costa Rican Teachers Protest Against Privatization of Education

  • Teachers reject the bills named

    Teachers reject the bills named "Dual Education and Dual Technical Training." | Photo: EFE/Archive

Published 30 July 2019

The APSE has received the support of 56 regional branches across the country against the bills, as well as other social organizations.

Hundreds of teachers affiliated with the Association of Secondary School Teachers APSE marched Monday in the capital toward the National Assembly, protesting against the neoliberal policies affecting the public sector.

Chile’s Teachers Vote to End Second-Longest Strike

APSE President Melida Cedeño told reporters that the protest aimed to show the public that the government and most of the Parliament attempt to criminalize strikes with this bill, converting education as a private service, and to dissolve labor unions, in addition to the cuts in public salaries.

Teachers reject the bills named "Dual Education and Dual Technical Training," arguing it is an attempt to put education at the service of the private sector, creating a low-cost labor force.

The protests coincide with the end of the deadline for a legislative commission that is expected to deliver their verdict on whether or not moving forwards with the bills.

They started on May 13 as an "intermittent strike," later turning into in a "national march" on June 6.

The ASPE convoked a week of intermittent deminstrations from July 23 to 29.

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