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Costa Rica: Voters To Decide Next President

  • Costa Rica to vote for the next new President. Apr. 1, 2022.

    Costa Rica to vote for the next new President. Apr. 1, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@fteconomics

Published 1 April 2022

Next Sunday, Costa Rica goes to the polls, where voters decide on the new President.

Next Sunday, Costa Rica will go to the polls, where undecided voters will select the next new President of the country. About 18 percent of the population has not yet chosen who they will vote for.

Who Are the Candidates for the Presidency of Costa Rica?

This unusual electoral process has resulted in many voters not knowing who they will vote for, as there are several opposing opinions accumulated by the two presidential candidates, Rodrigo Chaves and former President Jose Maria Figueres (1994-1998).

According to the data collected, people who have stated they will not vote for one of the candidates said that the real reason behind their decision is so the other one does not win, without taking into account the government program or if he meets their expectations to become the President of Costa Rica.

One of the candidates, Rodrigo Chaves, is a 60-year-old economist and a World Bank official who aspires to the highest office for the Social Democratic Progress Party, campaigning based on assuring that his cabinet will not be composed of national politicians, who, according to him are liable for the current situation of this Central American nation.

The other candidate is Former President Jose Maria Figueres, 67-years-old from the traditional National Liberation Party. Last February 6, he won the first round with 27.26 percent of the valid votes cast, while Chaves obtained 16.7 percent of the votes.

More than 3.5 million Costa Ricans are called to the polls this Sunday to choose the President who will govern the country between 2022 and 2026.

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