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Costa Rica: Social Movements Pause Protests Hoping to Dialogue

  • Dozens of people take to the streets, San Jose, Costa Rica, Oct. 10, 2020

    Dozens of people take to the streets, San Jose, Costa Rica, Oct. 10, 2020 | Photo: Twitter/ @ElRegionalCA

Published 16 October 2020

President Alvarado agreed to dialogue "briefly" with the leaders of the protest that has been shaking the country for two weeks in a row.

Costa Rica's National Rescue Movement (MRN) leaders Friday called for a pause in the protests until October 21 as they hope to dialogue with President Carlos Alvarado.


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He agreed to meet with the MRN leaders as long as they called for the people to stop the blockades in the country's main avenues. "It should be a brief meeting because time is short," Alvarado said.

"For now, we have complied with his request. We hope the president will keep his word," MRN leader Celimo Guido explained as he recalled that Alvarado must define a meeting date.

The MRN was one of the political movements that called on the people to take to the streets in rejection of a billion-dollar loan that Alvarado tried to apply for from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The protests, which lasted for 15 consecutive days in the capital and other provinces, were brutally repressed by the Police with tear gas and water cannons.

Social organizations reported human rights violations against entire neighborhoods in the provinces of Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Perez Zeledon.

However, the Police announced that it would file criminal charges against the heads of the MRN for reasons they did not explain because it was a "private process."

According to local outlets, the accusation against the leaders  Celimo Guido and Jose Corrales points out that they both claimed to represent several social sectors to incite citizens to block streets, main roads, and ports.

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