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Costa Rica: Campbell Leaves Foreign Ministry Amid Allegations

  • Campbell was elected America’s first Afro-Descent woman vice president in April.

    Campbell was elected America’s first Afro-Descent woman vice president in April. | Photo: EFE

Published 11 December 2018

The vice president has been under investigation since July for allegedly overlooking protocol while hiring personnel in the foreign ministry.

Vice President Epsy Campbell’s resignation as Costa Rica’s first female foreign minister is a result of the investigation against her, the vice president confirmed Tuesday.


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“This morning I informed the President of the Republic of my decision to resign as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, I understood that my responsibility with this country transcends being in charge of a portfolio," said Campbell, who plans to carry on her duties as vice president.

"My commitment to Costa Rica makes me understand that we need to return to the real issues, to the substantive debates, to find solutions to the problems Costa Ricans face every day," the minister said.

Since July, the Attorney General's Office has been investigating the minister for her alleged "lack of adherence" to protocol regarding the irregular appointments of both the director and sub-director. According to reports, two of the minister's "trustworthy" acquaintances were granted the position without first holding the rank of ambassador, as required by law.

During a November hearing, the vice president assured there was no consanguinity links connected to these appointments and all candidates met the necessary requirements.

“In my capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs, I transferred the proposed appointments to the Human Resources department, who validated compliance with the technical and legal requirements...In none of the stages of the process must I, as Foreign Minister, issue legal or technical criteria on the respective appointment,” Campbell said.

Campbell was elected America’s first Afro-Descent woman vice president in April and features significantly in the Center for Women of African Descent, the Alliance of Leaders of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the Black Parliament of the Americas organizations.

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