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Corruption Ranks First Among Social Problems in Panama

  • University students hold a sign that reads

    University students hold a sign that reads "COVID-19 or corruption will kills us," Panama, Jun. 26, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @RadioTemblor

Published 26 January 2021

Most Panamanians consider that corruption, social inequality, and educational deficiencies are problems affecting their country's development.

Panama's International Center for Political and Social Studies (CIEPS) published a survey showing corruption and inequality as the country's main problems.


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Carried out in the second week of January, the CIEPS survey had a sample of 1,199 people, 46 percent of whom pointed to corruption as the main obstacle to the country's development.

Around 24 percent of the interviewees described inequality as a problem and 13.2 percent of them mentioned the deficiencies of the educational system.

At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, social inequality was the country's main problem; however, corruption rose to the first position in June.

Regarding the economic situation, 55.9 percent of people considered that it had worsened amid the pandemic, 36.9 percent said it had remained the same, and only 5.3 percent indicated that it had improved. 

Although 74.2 percent of respondents welcomed a COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the study showed that 11.8 percent of people would not take the vaccine, and 14 percent were not sure about getting vaccinated. 

A wide polarization of criteria was related to COVID-19 restrictive measures as 56.7 percent of people supported the last lockdown while 41.6 percent were against it.

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