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  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks about the Sustainabilty Development Goals at the UN conference on Sept. 27, 2015

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks about the Sustainabilty Development Goals at the UN conference on Sept. 27, 2015

Published 27 September 2015

The Venezuelan president called on nations to work together to implement the SDGs, and end the exclusive capitalist system.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed Sunday that a global debate be organized to discuss the 17 new Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations member countries this weekend, in order to deepen the world's commitments to the targets.    

In an interview with teleSUR Sunday, Maduro reiterated his support for the new sustainable development goals, or SDGs, which were unveiled at the U.N. Sustainable Development Summit in New York City this weekend. He also added that Venezuela would work on implementing the new targets alongside the Venezuela’s preexisting National Plan for the coming years.

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Venezuela's Plan is a particular country-wide initiative to combat poverty and further social progress. Among some of its initiatives include generating employment, free and quality education, promoting scientific research and increasing the wellbeing of children.

Speaking to teleSUR, Maduro quoted the recent words of Pope Francis who called for the end to society that excludes and marginalizes. He said the only way to achieve this is by destroying neoliberal capitalism and its lasting wounds.

The Venezuelan president added that an inclusive, global discussion around the social development goals is necessary in order to guarantee their implementation.

“An international debate will define the type of financial model we need to overcome neoliberalism and its disposable consumer society,” said the Venezuelan President.

His comments echo those made earlier Sunday at the U.N. summit where he told world leaders that we must break away from the current capitalist model, particularly the control that world funding bodies, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, have over developing nations.

“The IMF and the World Bank have imposed on our countries. They make development impossible and they stand in the way of achieving these desirable goals that we're setting ourselves for 2030. We need a total change of this neoliberal systems that is represented by the IMF and the world bank,” said Maduro. 

“If we want to progress with all of these goals and targets that we have traced out, undoubtedly we have to ask ourselves of another economic and social model,” said Maduro, adding that we need “a different relationship between power in the world for the next 15 years.”

WATCH: Nicolas Maduro's speech at the UN

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