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Constitutional Convention in Chile Approves General Regulations

  • Convencion constituyente

    Convencion constituyente

Published 14 September 2021

The body approved the proposal that establishes a quorum of two-thirds to adopt norms of Constitutional rank.

The Plenary of the Constitutional Convention approved this Tuesday the general regulations of the instance to continue with the process towards the change of the Constitution in the southern country.

This was one of the most awaited stages of the process and also one of those that generated the greatest debate about the vote, which in the end ended up imposing the criterion of approving the criteria by a simple majority (78 members of the Convention).

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The proposal to maintain the two-thirds majority was overwhelmingly rejected with 115 votes against, 29 in favor and seven abstentions. It was established that all proposed regulations were approved by a simple majority. That is, when the articles are voted in particular next week they must be ratified by a simple majority and not by two-thirds.

The plenary approved the proposals for the general rules of procedure, ethics, indigenous participation and consultation, popular participation and territorial equity as well as the bases and norms of Human Rights.

Last May, Chile elected the 155 members of the Constituent Convention to draft a new Constitution and finish burying the legacy of former dictator Augusto Pinochet.

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