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Conservatives Want to Discredit Cristina Fernandez, AMLO Says

  • Former President Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner (C).

    Former President Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner (C). | Photo: Twitter/ @BrunoRguezP

Published 25 August 2022

The Mexican president recalled that far-right forces have used similar smear strategies against Lula da Siva and other leftist politicians.

On Thursday, Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) accused right-wing politicians of seeking to discredit Argentina's Vice Oresident Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner, for whom a prosecutor requested a 12-year prison sentence and disqualification of her political rights from for life.


'Cristina Did Not Commit Any Crime', Argentine President Says

"I do not know in detail the legal process against Cristina, but it is evident that the conservatives are involved in this matter. It is their way of discrediting," AMLO said, recalling that similar smear strategies were also used against other leftist politicians such as the members of Podemos in Spain and the former-President Lula da Siva in Brazil.

Previously, AMLO and presidents Alberto Fernandez (Argentina), Gustavo Petro (Colombia), and Luis Arce (Bolivia) issued a joint statement to denounce the judicial persecution against the Argentine Peronist leader.

The Mexican president adhered to that statement at the request of Alberto Fernandez, whom AMLO considers a straight, honest, and good lawyer. Therefore, Lopez Obrador said he was sure that the accusations against Fernandez-Kirchner are unfair.

The tweet reads, "Third night of vigil in front of Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner's house. The moment of her arrival."

The Mexican President compared Fernandez-Kirchner's situation with the one he lived in 2004, when he was governor of the Federal District. During the administration of the right-wing President Vicente Fox (2000-2006), Mexican prosecutors wanted to take political rights away from Lopez Obrador claiming that he had ignored a court order.

"The administration of justice should not be used for political purposes. A crime should not be fabricated to prevent the political participation of someone who wants to be a candidate. That was a bit of what they did to me," AMLO pointed out.

On Monday, the Argentine prosecutor Diego Luciani accused Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner for facts that were previously judged. The Argentine vice president was denied the expansion of her statements in the new trial against her.

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