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Conservative Magazine Confirms Intercept's Leaked Moro Messages

  • Justice Minister Sergio Moro in the Federal Senate in Brasilia, Brazil June 19, 2019.

    Justice Minister Sergio Moro in the Federal Senate in Brasilia, Brazil June 19, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 5 July 2019

Conservative magazine Veja verified over 600,000 messages leaked by The Intercept and admitted their veracity.

Brazil's Veja magazine and The Intercept published Thursday information which revealed that former judge Sergio Moro asked public officials not to include evidence against lawmakers to prevent the case against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from being transfered to the Supreme Court, an institution in which he had little-to-no much influence.


Brazil Workers' Party: Judge Moro 'Bias, Driven by Politics'

Among leaked messages is a conversation in which Federal Police delegate Erika Marena said that Moro, who was the judge of the "Car Wash" Operation, asked her to attach a spreadsheet seized with a suspect to the file.

These leaks are part of a special edition in which the magazine Veja indicates that its own team reviewed by itself thousands of Telegram messages leaked by The Intercept.

"649,551 messages were analyzed, word by word. The messages reviewed... are true... Moro did irregularities. Outside the judicial writ and inside Telegram, the current minister asked the prosecution to include in the proceedings evidence that would later come to his hands; he ordered to speed up or delay processes and he exerted pressure so that certain charges were not processed,” Veja explained.

"In addition, the leaked dialogues reveal that he behaved like the Federal Public Ministry head, a position incompatible with a magistrate's required neutrality... Moro reviewed documents from the prosecutors and even scolded them."

On its last magazine cover, where Minister Moro is depicted manipulating the 'Scales of Justice', Veja stated ​​​​​​​that he did "justice with his own hands" and adds that he committed irregularities by unbalancing procedures in favor of the prosecutors of Lula da Silva.

Regarding the information published by Veja, which is one of the most influent publications in Brazil, President Bolsonaro played down Friday the consequences of the new leaks saying that the people will define who is right.

"On Sunday, I want not only to watch the Brazil-Peru soccer final but also, if it is possible, if security allows, I will attend with Sergio Moro... The people will say if we are right or not," the former captain said, ​​​​vowing that he has no fear of booing, a comment related to the massive rejection the far-right president experienced when he attended the Brazil-Argentina game on Tuesday.

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