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Communist Party of Chile Denounces Threats Against Venezuela

  • Communist Youth Marchers in Chile

    Communist Youth Marchers in Chile | Photo: JJ.CC

Published 13 February 2018

The group stated that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to the region has drummed up support against Venezuela.

The Communist Party of Chile (CCP) denounced military actions along the borders with Venezuela.


Venezuelan Democracy vs the Corporate Mind of Rex Tillerson

In a statement Tuesday, the political party denounced the activities as "extremely serious for the region” and as "a threat to the democratic stability of Venezuela."

"We recognize that these actions have been openly induced by the United States with the presence of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in the region," the group stated, referring to Tillerson’s recent visit to Latin America.

"Our experience tells us and history supports us as a party: we are facing a new and open interference by the United States in internal affairs of a sovereign country like Venezuela," the statement added.

The communist party stressed that U.S. foreign policy, both in the past and present, encourages military interventions and coups d’etats.

"That is why we call on democrats to defend the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples,” they ended. “No to the interventionism of the United States in Venezuela.”

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