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Colombia's Senators Endorse Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors

  • Henry Reeve Brigade health workers on an international solidarity mission, Sep. 2020.

    Henry Reeve Brigade health workers on an international solidarity mission, Sep. 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @PressenzaIPA

Published 4 November 2020

The petition was signed by 21 senators among whom are Ivan Cepeda and Feliciano Valencia.

A group of Colombian senators on Tuesday presented a request for the inclusion of the Cuban Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in the nominations for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.


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The petition was submitted to the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, highlighting the Medical Brigade's achievements worldwide since its creation in 2005, in spite of the U.S. economic and trade sanctions against Cuba.

The letter points out that 39 countries have received the solidarity support of Cuban health professionals who have treated over 356,000 people and saved the lives of over 10,000 patients in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was signed by 21 lawmakers among them the senator from the Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA) Ivan Cepeda, and the senator from the Alternative Indigenous and Social Movement (Mais) Feliciano Valencia Medina. 

Preciously, the French solidarity organization Cuba Linda launched a campaign to have the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 awarded to the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in recognition of its efforts in the fight against the Novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Brigade was also nominated for the Nobel Prize, following its works in confronting the Ebola outbreak in Africa in 2014-2015.

Fidel Castro funded the brigade after the U.S. government had refused the aid of 1,586 Cuban doctors to provide assistance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. 

It is named after Henry Reeve, a U.S.-born soldier who fought against the Spanish army during Cuba's independence war in the XIX century. 


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