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Colombians Back Cuban Doctors' Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

  • Colombians in solidarity with Cuba called for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigades for 2021.

    Colombians in solidarity with Cuba called for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigades for 2021. | Photo: Prensa Latina

Published 31 October 2020

The Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba today endorsed the nomination of the island's 'Henry Reeve' Medical Brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize, given their altruistic work in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization also demanded the "end of the brutal and genocidal economic (commercial and financial) blockade by the United States against Cuba, which causes so much damage to Cubans."

"Cuba is not alone. We all know the good it has done for humanity over many years. We know how much sacrifice it has made, how many aggressions it has suffered," emphasized the activist group during the third day of the XXIX Colombia-Cuba Solidarity Meeting, held virtually.


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For his part, the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Colombia, Jaime Caicedo, greeted the solidarity and friendship of the peoples towards Cuba and also condemned the US economic blockade of the island.

Caicedo also highlighted the brilliant and generous work of the Henry Reeve medical brigade in several countries of Latin America and the world, in this year marked by the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

He also highlighted Cuba's success in the internal control of the pandemic and also congratulated the largest island of the Caribbean for carrying out several projects for the production of vaccines to combat the lethal virus, which until today has claimed the lives of almost 1.2 million people on the planet.


Cuba, in its construction of socialism, solidarity towards Latin America,  rectitude in the sphere of international politics, and respect to the peoples and to self-determination, shows to be a great moral force in the continent, Caicedo explained.

He also expressed his gratitude to Cuba for the support shown during the 2016 Peace Accords between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army, which resulted in a peaceful solution to a long armed conflict.

Meanwhile, Senator Aída Avella stressed the danger that humanity is facing at this time and praised the work of Cuba, and especially of the Henry Reeve Brigade, in providing disinterested assistance to the less fortunate.

"We know that Cuba has the immense generosity to offer its services to the people, including the American people when they suffer some calamity," she said.

Later on, during her speech, the 71-year-old Colombian politician and psychologist recalled that Cuba offers all this aid despite suffering an inhumane blockade by the US government, which among many other things prevents food and medicines from reaching the Caribbean country.

To subject the people to hunger, to prohibit the arrival of medicines and fuel, are crimes against humanity, Avella said, referring to Washington's interfering blockade against the island.

On this day of the XXIX Colombia-Cuba Solidarity Meeting, a discussion panel was held to address issues related to Cuban medicine, its development and the services it provides in the world.

The closing of this solidarity forum, which began last Wednesday 28th with the participation of social groups and activists, intellectuals, politicians and artists from several countries, is scheduled for Saturday October 31st. 

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