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Colombian Vice-Presidential Candidate Gets Death Threat

  • Francia Marquez (L) and Gustavo Petro (R), Colombia, March 2022.

    Francia Marquez (L) and Gustavo Petro (R), Colombia, March 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @FranciaMarquezM

Published 28 March 2022

The Historical Pact's binomial is the favorite to win in the presidential election to take place on May 29.

On Sunday, Historical Pact's vice president candidate Francia Marquez denounced having received death threats and demanded Colombian President Ivan Duque to guarantee her safety.


Colombia: Francia Marquez May Become First Black Vice-President

“Slander and racist demonstrations were not enough. In less than a month, they have threatened me with death twice,” Marquez tweeted and posted photographs of pamphlets from the paramilitary organization Black Eagles, which makes threats against her and other progressive political and social leaders.

"President Duque, I ask you to guarantee my physical integrity and that of the leaders mentioned there," the leftist politician added.

Marquez also asked the Colombian Attorney General's Office to thoroughly investigate the reported events. "Hopefully this time impunity does not win," she said and warned that the operation of her protection scheme has presented some drawbacks.

The Historical Pact's presidential binomial, which includes Gustavo Petro and Marquez, is the favorite to win in the elections that will take place on May 29.

Death threats and attacks against progressive social and political leaders continue unabated in Colombia. So far, the Duque administration has done very little to enforce the peace agreements signed in 2016. The far-right paramilitary organizations are actin with impunity.

On March 25, for example, Alcibiades Moreno, defender of the Indigenous emerald miners in the Muzo region, was assassinated in Bogota. With his death, the count of social leaders assassinated so far this year rises to 45.

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