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Colombian Minister Molano Is Called To Political Control Debate

  • Defense Minister Diego Molano, Colombia.

    Defense Minister Diego Molano, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @EnriqueDazaG

Published 7 April 2022

"Molano must resign from his post since the Army's procedures shows nothing but an example of extrajudicial killings," Senator Sanguino stated. 

On Wednesday, Colombian legislators summoned Defense Minister Diego Molano to answer for extrajudicial killings perpetrated on March 28 in Puerto Leguizamo town in the Putumayo department.


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Molano cataloged the events as a successful military operation that allowed to neutralize nine ex-guerrilla fighters who did not sign the 2016 Peace Agreement and capture four members of criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking activities.

"We had to proceed with the operation because the regions' inhabitants were being frightened by this criminal network," Molano claimed, stressing that the operation was planned five months ago.

However, the National Organization of Indigenous Peoples (ONPI) condemned that the Colombian military only attacked Indigenous and farmer leaders who attended a community bazaar in that operation.

"The Army did not report any arrests to the prosecution, nor did it provide records to justify its violent proceedings against civilians," the ONPI stated, recalling that minors were dead in the attack.

"Molano must resign from his post after these facts," Senator Antonio Sanguino stated, recalling that President Ivan Duque's “democratic” security policy is outrageous and untenable.

The Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) Director Lina Arbelaez, the National Army Commander Eduardo Zapateiro, Attorney General Francisco Barbosa, and the Colombian Institute of Legal Medicine Director Jorge Jimenez were also summoned to the debate.

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