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Colombian Army Takes Bribe to Let Officers Retire Early

  • Colombian army embroils in another corruption scandal.

    Colombian army embroils in another corruption scandal. | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 August 2019

In an earlier corruption scheme, officials falsified soldiers’ credentials to transfer them to comfortable positions in military hospitals or public relations department.

Colombia’s Prosecutor General’s Office said Monday that it uncovered a ring of military corruption which would grant officials early retirement in exchange of bribes. 


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The announcement came amid a string of corruption news that led to the firing of at least five top commanders and the arrest of the army’s second-in-command. The latest corruption ring consisted of 14 members.

According to local media, the officials allowed some 500 soldiers and naval officials to retire before their date of retirement in exchange of US$1200 (COP 4 million) to US$1,400 (COP 5 million). 

Earlier, another corruption scandal was uncovered which falsified the credentials of soldiers to transfer them to comfortable positions like in military hospitals or public relations department. 

Reports of corruption increased in armed forces of Colombia after President Ivan Duque promoted General Nicasio Martinez to National Army commander last year. He previously worked as the army inspector. 

Former military  personnel from the Colombian Armed Forces wrote to Martinez last week, urging him to restore “the institutional honor.”

Martinez said he would combat corruption in response. However, even after that, the media and justice system uncovered more corruption. 

Even within the force, soldiers are getting frustrated with corruption. Local media have reported that Martinez and some personnel under his command are allegedly with-hunting whistleblowers from the army who are exposing corruption schemes and human rights concerns to the media.

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