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Colombia: Truth Commission To Investigate Repression in Cali

  • Blood on people, blood on the Colombian flag

    Blood on people, blood on the Colombian flag | Photo: Twitter/ @democracynow

Published 22 May 2021

No guerrilla groups are instigating the protests, Commission says.

The President of Colombia's Truth Commission Francisco de Roux and the commissioner Alejandra Miller on Friday toured the city of Cali to research human rights violations and contribute to solve the political and social crisis that the city, and the country, have been going through since April 28.


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The commission visited the places where national strike protesters are concentrated and accompanied the departure of indigenous people who are heading towards Bogota to ask President Duque for better living and working conditions.

"The mobilization and protests have a social and citizen character, and are related to historical demands concerning poverty, exclusion, and marginality," said Miller after finishing the visit to the city.

The commissioner made it clear that no armed groups are instigating the protests and that the youth and citizens, in general, are the main protagonists of this social struggle.

The Truth Commission must issue a report on the causes, development, and recommendations to solve the current crisis.

"Our responsibility is to issue a final report, which encourages the soul and life of the young people we saw today in the streets, who only demand social justice, that inequality does not take away all their dreams, that poverty does not sink them in the marginality in which they find themselves, that there is transforming society and that is not racist," stated Miller.

Miller expressed that it was necessary to understand that social protests are not guerrillas, and therefore, they cannot be treated as military conflicts as many Colombian governments have done, including the current one.

She also believed it necessary that all actors, especially the decision-makers, seriously must commit themselves to listen to the demonstrators' demands with a real willingness to dialogue.

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