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Colombia: San Juan River Villagers Protest Social Crisis

  • Villagers in the San Juan Rive, Choco, Colombia, 2021

    Villagers in the San Juan Rive, Choco, Colombia, 2021 | Photo: Twitter/ @EEColombia2020

Published 15 October 2021

The population demands the Duque Administration to address problems such as poverty, lack of health and education services, and forced displacement.

On Friday, the Humanitarian Caravan for Life and Peace concluded its tour along the San Juan River, in the Choco department, in an effort to denounce the failure of Colombia's President Ivan Duque to solve the humanitarian crisis affecting the zone.


Another Peace Accord Singer Killed in Colombia

The caravan started on Oct 11 and met with communities stricken by poverty, lack of health and education services, and forced displacements. During the protest, they compiled a list of acts of violence and critical problems that require the government's attention. 

The caravan was accompanied by organizations such as the Association for Investigation and Social Action (NOMADESC), the National Movement of State Crime Victims (MOVICE), and the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner (OHCHR).   

The Choco department has been particularly affected by the armed conflict in Colombia. The protesters blame the government for abandoning them. In September several displaced people protested in Bogota demanding decent housing but were ignored by the authorities.

Gunfights between warring factions and the State forces have increased as a result of the expansion of military presence in the region. 

In 2016, the then President Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) signed a peace accord. Although the guerrilla fighters demobilized, State terrorism has increased since Duque became president in 2018.

His administration is accused of violating the Peace accords and allowing the murder of hundreds of civic leaders and former FARC members. Several other armed groups, including paramilitary organizations and drug cartels, remain active in the country.

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