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  • Daladier Arismendi (Photo: Alerta Kamarada).

    Daladier Arismendi (Photo: Alerta Kamarada).

Published 6 August 2014

Founder of Alerta Kamarada has died.

Founder and former percussionist of reggae music band Alerta Kamarada, Daladier Arismendi, has died it was reported Wednesday.

He was found dead with two wounds in his head inflicted by a sharp weapon.

The death of the percussionist has sparked reactions from across the Colombian media. Senator Piedad Cordoba expressed her grief over the tragic event on her Twitter account.

“Dala [Daladier Arismendi] and @ALERTAKAMARADA have always been artists committed to social and ecological struggles, the death of Dala is very sad.”

According to Javier Fonseca, the lead singer of the band, Arismendi was killed after being robbed. “The attack was very violent,” he told local media, saying he did not know further details about how 'Dala' was killed.

The Colombian reggae band has been defined by its strong critical stance against Colombian governments, present throughout their lyrics. They have announced they will be doing a tribute to Arismendi when they perform in the upcoming music festival 'Rock en el Parque'.




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