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Colombia: Prosecutors Investigate Directors of La Modelo Prison

  • A security officer at the La Modelo prison, Bogota, Colombia, 2020

    A security officer at the La Modelo prison, Bogota, Colombia, 2020 | Photo: Twitter/ @TotusTVDigital

Published 6 December 2020

A riot took place in March this year in La Modelo where 24 inmates were killed and 90 people were injured.

Colombia's Attorney General Office (AGO) opened a disciplinary investigation against officials of  "La Modelo" medium-security prison located in Bogota for the events that occurred during a riot on March 21.


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The investigation will target La Modelo director Carlos Hincapie, Major Jorge Gama, and  Custody Commander Lieutenant Elizabeth Vergara.

The riot concluded with the death of 24 inmates and 90 people injured, among inmates, custody assistants, and members of the guard.

It was established that the deaths were caused by firearm projectiles, while 55 of the injured required external medical attention.

About 107 guards were present in the prison at the moment of the unrest. Besides the La Modelo riot,  other protests took place in nearly ten Colombian prisons.

In April, the AGO denounced that Henry Castellanos alias "Romaña" was one of the instigators of the unrest.

"The Public Prosecutor's Office seeks to determine whether the alleged actions constitute disciplinary offenses and to clarify the determining reasons, the circumstances of time, manner and place in which they were committed, and the possible damage caused to the public administration," AGO said.

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